MORF is a voluntary organization of individuals interested in sailboat racing. MORF is an "on-the-water" organization; we have no club house or shore-side presence. Our focus is entirely on organizing and running races for small and medium sized racer/cruiser type sail boats.

MORF was founded in 1959. 2017 will be our 59th season. MORF is a member organization of the following organizations:

  • US Sailing - the national governing body of the sport of sailing in the United States.
  • Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation (LMSRF Area III)
  • Lake Michigan PHRF (LMPHRF)

    MORF is dedicated to providing fair, fun and competitive offshore sailboat racing for mid sized racer/cruising sailing yachts.

    During the Chicago racing season from May through September MORF offers a full schedule of short-course and long-distance races conducted under the PHRF handicapping system.

    MORF offers experienced racers and their crews the challenges of racing against some of the best sailors in Chicago land. And with its training programs and casual races MORF welcomes new racers to the excitement and comradery of sailboat racing.

    As a voluntary organization MORF depends upon its members for race management allowing for very modest membership and race entry fees.

  • The MORF Secretary can be emailed at

    You can leave voice mail at the MORF HOTLINE (312)566-7333

    You can join the MORF Crew Pool by signing up using the button below: